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Disaster Davis is officially up and running on the Blogger platform! Want to know all about my reasons for the change? Then keep reading!

Welcome! I'm delighted to have you over on my new Blogger blog. I have been with WordPress for a little over five months now and some may find it rather odd that I decided to switch, especially given the fact that it's typically from Blogger to WordPress that people opt for. This just shows that it's each to their own, I guess. What works for some may not for others. With respect to the changes, I have been asked some questions regarding this, alongside other questions pertaining to blogging generally. I therefore thought that it would be a great welcome to my blog to have a short Q&A!

Why did you switch from WordPress to Blogger? 
There's a couple of reasons for this change, firstly I can't get my head around the whole notion of layouts with my WordPress blog. So many people seem to find WordPress to be better for customization but this must be with regards to a paid hosting rather than a free host plan. If you have seen Disaster Davis on WordPress then you will already know that it's basic and not set out very well. I of course have some work left to do with my Blogger layout, although after only starting this up last week I find it to already be much more aesthetically pleasing than the WP version. Additionally to this is the fact that I wanted to connect with more readers and I feel that Blogger will help me to achieve this, linking with my Google+ account already can only be a good thing, right? Already I have had more visitors to this blog than I had got from the first three months of blogging with WordPress, not a bad start I'd say! I just miss my followers! :( 

Will you be deleting your WordPress blog?
No, I'm keeping Disaster Davis on WordPress alongside Blogger. I don't want to lose the followers and friends that I've gained through the WordPress platform and feel that it will be nice to keep the profile of which Disaster Davis were born! This of course means that I'll be fully contactable via both WP and Blogger, so leave me plenty of comments to keep me busy! 

Why did you start blogging?
I'd been reading so many blogs on an almost constant basis, alongside watching YouTube channels and because of this I thought why not get a little more involved? I'm not an expert in beauty, fashion or lifestyle, by any means, but we all have to start somewhere and I figured that through blogging I could actually start to learn more throughout the journey. I wanted to socialise with and make new friends with people who share the same interests as me. I have an immense passion for writing, therefore put the two together and it would have seemed silly to have not at least dipped my brush in! 

What is Adsense?
AdSense is an advertisement service operated by Google, this can be used as an easy way to monetize a blog by the use of ads. For further information on this I strongly suggest looking into it a little more if you're interested in this yourself and it's something I'd encourage any blogger to look into. I don't currently have AdSense but this is something I will definitely be looking into as I advance with my hobby. 

Do you accept requests?
I do! I always love to receive any feedback and requests are not immune to this. Of course it may be something of which I don't typically have much knowledge on, or not exactly within my genre, in cases such as this I will do my best to provide you with an alternative option, or I would look into collaborations with other bloggers. I currently have some requests pending and these will be worked into my schedule where space is available. 

Do you have plans to make videos on YouTube?
Actually, yes. If you have read my previous post 'We're Going Through Changes' then you will of course already know that this is on the cards. I won't say too much about when this is going to happen as I have a lot of preparation needed, I aren't too comfortable in front of a camera as of yet, it will definitely happen though and I would appreciate any requests you may have! 

I hope that I have answered everybody's questions but if not do not fear as I always love to hear from you! Get in touch via the comments below or any of my other social media profiles of which are linked at the right of this post. Are you excited about the future of Disaster Davis? What do you think to the new blog? Let me know your thoughts!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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