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Hello out there, lets get straight into this one shall we? Christmas is round the corner and I thought what better way to make a start on the holiday season than with that of a little bloggy post here. All we get asked as it draws closer to the annual Saint Nick visit, is what we’re wanting for Christmas and I’m sure I’m not the only one who actually feels pretty darn awkward about the whole situation. Maybe it is me, who knows – but I know for a fact that I always feel mega cheeky when this question is thrust upon myself. I don’t know what budget a person has, or in terms of my Mom – how many presents she’s wanting to spoil me with this year.
The fact it’s also my birthday two days after adds another egg to the basket, because they could be meaning for both occasions, meaning I have to do double the thinking! I always feel so on the spot, I always think of things that I really want throughout the year, then as soon as it draws closer to winter I inevitably forget every last thing on ye olde list in my noggin’ (head for those who aren’t familiar with this vocabulary!) I should probably keep a list somewhere to update every time I think up something new but lets face it, it’s Disaster Davis… Says it all. If I write it down then I’ll lose the paper and if I type it up in a document then I’ll somehow accidentally delete it.
My Mom has of course been bugging me for a list of the things I want, she’s been already asking me this for months and I’ve been since given a deadline of this weekend. I realise there’s probably a LOT of you out there in the same predicament as I, therefore why not share the inspiration – you may see something on this list of which you would like yourself. NOTE TO MOM: LOOK HERE, HERE IS A LIST!! Enjoy and do with this list whatever you fancy. Take any idea at all from here but don’t go too wild! (I don’t know why I’ve said that because I know what she’s like and I know she’ll likely jolly well spoil me.) Without further ado, proceedeth we do, to the mighty Christmas list!

Whilst this picture isn’t taken from The Sims 4 as the below text would suggest, I still felt it to be relevant and is my own media. Whilst on the subject, this were taken from a Sims episode I created over on my YouTube channel, take a look at:
I have no idea what laptop I would like and yes I do already own one, it’s what I’m using right now to type this very post with. I’ve had this lovely little friend of mine for a while now and it’s still going strong, it does everything I need it to…. With the exception of running The Sims 4. I’ve owned the game since it came out last year and have yet to be able to actually play the game as my laptop isn’t compatible, *cries*. It’s actually my Mom that suggested this idea and a very good idea it is indeed. I aren’t bothered if it’s the latest high tech job going, as long as it can run The Sims 4… So, yes Mom… If you wish to do this, then go for it – that would be amazing. You can have full control over which however, because as we know I’m chuffin’ hopeless with anything in any way technical. I’ll slip you a list of all of the game specs before this post is even up probably… You can go from there. Meanwhile, please feel free to help out, readers! If any of you either own The Sims 4 and know of a laptop that would work well for this, or if you don’t own the game but have a really great recommendation anyway, then please feel free to bob me along a message letting me know! I’m sure my Mom could use all the help you can give her with this endeavour, it would be greatly appreciated! I will however add here for anybody interested, that Dell appear to be a really good brand, in my opinion anyway. I’ve experienced a multitude of laptops over the years and my current Dell has definitely been a personal favourite of mine.
Book List
As my followers are probably already aware, I’m a massive bookworm. I live for books, all types of books, if there’s a book I haven’t read – I’ll make it my mission to read it. I do already own a kindle so you’d think I should probably just get my books on there, there’s something special about actually holding the book in your hands though and turning the pages yourself, right? I do therefore have some books on my list, I tend to want a book if it’s a part of a series of which I already own some of the books belonging to it, or likewise for an author I really enjoy and happen to own some of the books of already. I’m constantly adding to my book list throughout the year although I have an obsession with buying them all – I currently have too many to read.. Some of the books on my list this year (I’ve kept it down mostly due to having no storage left) are as follows..
Jojo Moyes – After You
Jojo Moyes – The Last Letter from your Lover
Jojo Moyes – Honeymoon In Paris
Jojo Moyes – The Girl You Left Behind
Stephenie Meyer – The Host
Stephenie Meyer – Life & Death
Evidently I have a passion for cosmetics, I mean hey, I am writing a blog which is predominantly beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I don’t have the make-up collection of my dreams, very far from.. Therefore it’s only natural to have a few bits and pieces in my little list here which happen to have attracted my attention. Literally anything at all of which is make-up will excite me to no end, (MOM: This includes drugstore brands therefore you have endless ideas right here). I’m OBSESSED with lipsticks and nail polish, also eyeshadows.. A girl can never have too much make-up, right? Below are things that I have wanted for some time now, either the exact product or generally something from the particular brand. Are any of these in your own list or have you owned them previously?

To wrap this up – no pun intended, I really hope this has given inspiration to you for gift ideas or helped with your own list. I’d love to know what you have on your list also, if it interests me then I may be able to bag myself a bargain in the January sales!
With Love,
Disaster Davis x
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